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ENIGMA 2000 is a UK based online group, whose aims are to bring together listeners and enthusiasts who monitor and gather information on 'Number Stations' and other related radio transmissions. Through our Yahoo Group monitors can share their logs, discuss frequencies, thoughts and opinions on this most emotive subject.

ENIGMA 2000 maintains the ENIGMA Control List, the definitive listing of number station identification.

ENIGMA 2000 produces a two-monthly newsletter giving details of frequencies of current stations and provides quality information on subjects not normally available from main-stream publications.

The ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter can be downloaded from this site. Members can also download it via the "Files" section of the ENIGMA 2000 Groupsite.

ENIGMA 2000 also offers written guides to finding and identifying stations complemented with a current selection of sound sample clips.

ENIGMA Control List - Additions

Temporary Holding Assigments - 900 Series

These are temporary ENIGMA Identifiers issued to newly discovered stations that

are under investigation, after which the station will either be re-classified under an

existing identifier, assigned a new identifier or deleted.

Details of assignments & their current status can be found under the 'Documents' section


V28 - Assigned 01 Dec 2015

YL Voice - Possible voice equivalent to M89

First heard November 2015

3277kHz [+/-2kHz] AM, best heard in USB;

Transmits between 1330 to 1340z - [10min msg txt assumed].

May use other freqs/different times.

Korean language [apparently with N Korean inflections]

Message structure has more than passing similarities with that of M89

Station is currently under investigation - Definition may change.


HM02 - Assigned 01 May 2015

Hybrid mixed-mode station - possibly variant of Russian Family 1

Consists of FSK transmission followed by a Morse message

Uses a single = as separator throughout the message (An unusual feature).

Morse Format Auto-sent   5 fig Single Grps   Short zero   Ends three long dashes

See Newsletter 88 for full details   (May 2015)

Station is currently under investigation - Definition may change.


In response to the need to assign universal identifiers to a number of digital signals,

ENIGMA 2000 are pleased to have agreed the following with Ary Boender.

This series of designations was developed by Ary from ENIGMA's deleted M42 to cover

& classify an increasing number of digital signals emanating from Russia.

FSK M42 - Assigned 01 Feb 2015

CROWD 36 (Serdolik) & other Undefined Russian Government / Intelligence Digital Modes

FSK M42a - Assigned 01 Feb 2015

GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) CW & Digital traffic

FSK M42b - Assigned 01 Feb 2015

FSK 50/500 Msgs with separators every 50 grps (=50= =100= =150= etc.)   Russian.

FSK M42c - Assigned 01 Feb 2015

FSK 200/500   Russian.

FSK M42d - Assigned 01 Feb 2015

FSK 200/1000   Russian.

FSK POL - Assigned 01 Feb 2015

All Polish Military / Intelligence FSK 100/500, 100/625, 100/740.  Linked to E11 Family

Most common useage is 100/625 although 100/740 has recently been used.

ENIGMA 2000 would like to thank Ary from 'Oddities & Numbers' for his assistance

& knowledge in assigning these stations.


DP01 - Assigned 12 Apr 2014

Digital Pseudo-polytone: Linked to Russian Family I

First heard Apr 2008, with yearly reports since around the same time of year.

Recent activity in Apr 2014 around 10250kHz along with other Family I variants.

Consists of a two minute, two-tone lead-in & two digital bursts with short tone

sequences at the start & finish of each digital burst.

See Newsletter 82 for full details   (May 2014)

HM01 - Assigned 18 Nov 2012

Hybrid Mixed-mode variant of Cuban XVII Family.

Consists of alternating SK01 & V02a repeating sequences.

M51a - Assigned 18 Aug 2012

Letter variant of M51. French text, 5 ltr grps & numbers.
Regular training scheds on 3881 // 6825kHz. Uses call-sign FAV22.

M97 - Assigned 01 Dec 2011

CW sister station to North Vietnamese Voice Station V30 (aka 'The Lighthouse)

Irregular sched on 10375kHz, 15.00z (variable)

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