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ENIGMA 2000 is a UK based online group, whose aims are to bring together listeners and enthusiasts who monitor and gather information on 'Number Stations' and other related radio transmissions. Through our Yahoo Group monitors can share their logs, discuss frequencies, thoughts and opinions on this most emotive subject.

ENIGMA 2000 maintains the ENIGMA Control List, the definitive listing of number station identification.

ENIGMA 2000 produces a two-monthly newsletter giving details of frequencies of current stations and provides quality information on subjects not normally available from main-stream publications.

The ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter can be downloaded from this site. Members can also download it via the "Files" section of the ENIGMA 2000 Groupsite.

ENIGMA 2000 also offers written guides to finding and identifying stations complemented with a current selection of sound sample clips.

ENIGMA Control List - Additions

DP01 - Assigned 12 Apr 2014

Digital Pseudo-polytone: Linked to Russian Family I

First heard Apr 2008, with yearly reports since around the same time of year.

Recent activity in Apr 2014 around 10250kHz along with other Family I variants.

Consists of a two minute, two-tone lead-in & two digital bursts with short tone

sequences at the start & finish of each digital burst.

See Newsletter 82 for full details

S906g - Assigned 02 Apr 2014 (Station under investigation)

Temporary holding ID for voice variant of S06.

First heard Sun 02 Mar on 11073kHz.

Format as S06 with additional 5 fig grp in header   e.g. 352 352 352 63524 719 40

Uses S06 voice.

M912b - Assigned 13 Mar 2014 - Redefined 20 Apr 2014 (Station under investigation)

Temporary holding ID for Morse variants of M12 on or around 10250kHz.

First heard Wed 05 Mar with various variants heard since.

Morse equivalent of E907b heard operating on the same freq.

Formats: Various, as M12 with changes to call-ups & no known scheds.

Type 1 - Additional 3 fig grp in header (e.g. 223 223 223 1 656)

Type 2 - Single fig call-up (e.g. 1 1 1 )

Type 3 - 3-fig counting grps as call-up (e.g. 123 123 123 1)

Type 4 - Triplet group as call-up (e.g. 333 333 333 1)

E907b - Assigned 06 Mar 2014 (Station under investigation)

Temporary holding ID for voice variant belonging to Family I.

First heard Wed 05 Mar on 10250kHz. Possibly related to Russia / Ukraine conflict.

Format as E07 with additional 3 fig grp in call-up   e.g. 123 123 123 1 334

Voice similar - but not the same as E06.   Msg uses single 5 fig grps. Ends 000 000

M901 - Assigned 29 Jan 2014 (Station under investigation)

Temporary holding ID for CW station using the call-sign KLM.

Sends extremely fast single 5f grp msgs. Ends QRU QRU SK SK

Only known sched on 16720kHz, 0810z.

HM01 - Assigned 18 Nov 2012

Hybrid Mixed-mode variant of Cuban XVII Family.

Consists of alternating SK01 & V02a repeating sequences.

M51a - Assigned 18 Aug 2012

Letter variant of M51. French text, 5 ltr grps & numbers.
Regular training scheds on 3881 // 6825kHz. Uses call-sign FAV22.

M97 - Assigned 01 Dec 2011

CW sister station to North Vietnamese Voice Station V30 (aka 'The Lighthouse)

Irregular sched on 10375kHz, 15.00z (variable)

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